About Me

GILLILANDA059_ColorI have been a professional doula for almost thirty years and a DONA Approved doula trainer since 1997.  My master’s and doctorate degrees are in Human Development and Family Studies, and my bachelor’s is in communications.  For the last ten years I have researched birth doula labor support in North America.   For many years doulas have contacted me for counseling regarding difficult clients, getting along with medical caregivers, and a variety of other issues.  I finally decided to turn what I’ve learned in the last thirty years into a blog!  My professional passion is to doula the doula so s/he can become the professional s/he wants to be.

I’ve published articles in journals, speak frequently at conferences,  and hundreds of people have taken my training workshops.  I have three adult children.  For more about my research, workshop dates, and publications, go to www.amygilliland.com.

What is probably most important is that I have interviewed over 60 birth doulas, 40 parents, and 7 nurses about their experiences with doula labor support for my research studies.  This does not count my thirty years of listening to birth stories from mothers, fathers, and birth professionals.  My opinions in this blog are based on my experiences, research, and hard won wisdom from living the life of a doula for so long.  As I learned long ago as a La Leche League Leader, “Take what works for you and leave the rest”.

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