Doulas! Charge What You’re Worth!

Jan 28, 2014 by

In support of the effort made by, I’ve decided to repost the graphic from their blog this week.  Feel free to post it on your web site to help prospective clients understand how doulas set their fees.




  1. Lesley Everest

    So true. I wrote a blog about this a while back, which included other crazy facts, like 1) doula work is one of those jobs where the MORE energy you put out physically and emotionally in terms of hours, the LESS financial reward you receive. 2) Client A goes late, Client B goes early, and you have overlap and miss the birth. Much of the fee you budgeted for serving Client B goes to your backup. c) Your fee potential is very limited because you can only safely and sanely take a finite amount of births per month (while at the same time being able to serve clients to the best of your ability). It is a difficult way of life, that is for sure. I hope this makes doulas think twice before underselling themselves. Nobody will ever be rich being a career doula. But hopefully we can make ends meet without burning ourselves to exhaustion and chronic stress.

  2. Thank you very much for your post. As compassionate, healing professionals we need to be reminded that we are still in fact professionals and do deserve at the end of the day to make enough money to cover expenses and the cost of a lifestyle of giving to our clients. One of the ways we need to educate our clients is how to value their wellness as much as (or ideally more than) their possessions. An amazing birth experience is worth a lot more than a high-end stroller or a few more onesies! Thanks for sharing and empowering doulas!

  3. Excellent! This is very simple, yet says volumes! Well done.

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